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How To Import Any Products from China With Cheap Price and Resell It Locally For Big Profits.

AlibabaImagine if you have very easy method to get cheap goods and resell them at your local place in your country with big profits via online or offline. helps you to achive this. is china’s biggest B2b Market place where you can connect sellers and exporters of various products.You can get $1 products also and sell it for 10 times higher.This is very smart business with little efforts. Contact Sellers.Click Here

For example you can order pen drives for $1 and sell it on ebay for $10. I bought 100 mp3 players and sold it with in 3 days.I ordered cheap webcams,mp3s and pen drives etc. I sold all goods for higher profits in ebay,quickr and olx.

You need not invest huge amount for this business. With $100 you can earn $500 and more. It takes only 10 or 20 days.You can bargain with sellers for better price.You can contact them through skype and negotiate.

Things to Consider when importing from china via

1. In the Begining find small size products like mp3 players,Pendrives,webcams.

2.Communicate with sellers by skype or phone before ordering.

3.Negotiate the price.If they mentioned $5,you ask it for $1

4.Order minimum 50 Pieces.

Import goods from China will surely meet your need as most goods costs very low.

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  1. Interested in investing in businesses in Costa Rica for:
    importing 1) electric motorcycles from China
    2) clay tile pressing machines made in China
    2.1) electric tile kilns designed in China
    3)) continuous automatic concrete-block making machines, ‘
    Please call for most friendly discusssion
    506 609 232 29

  2. i am also interested in china made clay tile pressing machines. please provide contact informations on sellers

    Thank you

  3. Hello, i ‘m a Nigerian and i would love to import smartphones, tablets and laptops from China and resell here in my country. Please i need you to give me a clue on how to go about it. Thanks!

      • Nigerians have created a dirty mess here in India .
        They have totally destroyed the entire social climate .
        They come here on the pretext of Education or Health Care Reasons owing to the low costs of both compared to other countries .
        Then they get into illegal activities .
        Most of them have Diplomatic Passports, which are as easy to buy in Nigeria as Potatoes, and hence enjoy Diplomatic Immunity when they are caught .
        Their basic modus operandi, CHEATING, CHEATING and CHEATING .
        They have become shameless and experts in De-Frauding People .
        And with the money they make out of unsuspecting people, which runs in millions they have now begun to get their entire families and friends in drove, making full illegal use of India’s open economic climate .
        Their next step : and the most profitable one :
        1. DRUGS

        These shameless people are a CANCER to our society .
        And it has become extremely difficult to get rid of them, as they have simply in mob- groups begun to take the law in their hands .

        We advise each and every Business Partner to NOT PARTNER or ASSOCIATE with Any NIGERIAN whatsoever, especially in India .
        Any one who does so, does so at their own risk, and especially of the risk of being Black Listed to do Business in India .

        This is not Rascist, but A Problem which is getting out of hands here in India .
        Please help us and yourself get rid of this CANCER .

  4. hallo i am in Namibia want to import phones parts for fixing phones. And desktop computers and smart phone to sell here. send me contact

  5. I am interested in importing smart phones and rechargeable globes and lanterns,please give me advice on how to go about it.

  6. Am interested in laptop, TV plasma, smart phones, tablet, curtains. Please help me how to go about.Am new and I never done online business

  7. hello I’m Harold Pepe, could you help me start my own business here in Philippines? I haven’t tried something like this. From smartphones to laptops and the like, I want to earn money on leverage while I am having fun.

    • Harald, forget it, I’m american living in PH. problem is customs is very corrupt and the duty, import clearance charges, delivery charges changes with each shipment you try to bring in unless of course you have very good contacts in the PH customs import dept.

  8. Dear sir,

    I am very much interest in that business. How can i contact with them. reply me for further process…

    Baskar M

  9. Im in zimbabwe would love to buy smartphones,tablets,laptops for resell here please let me know how to go about it.

  10. i am from kenya.i want to start my own business with goods that are small in size,light but sell very quickly and give maximum profit.

  11. Hy. I am Ahsan and looking for investing in clothing business and curtons : kindly guide me how to find sellers in china.

  12. I want to buy bananas and oranges from China at cheap price. how to go about it? I have never done online business before.

  13. Hello kind friends,

    I make interested In real making golds and trade for smart phone, fridge, faucets, aubergine, erasers, mp2 player, lizards, root vegetables, harmonicas and 2nd year apprentice hair dressers. Contact me yesterday for best deal in cheap gold for trading.

  14. Hi
    I live in Thailand and would like to import clothes to sell in my outlet store. The problem I have is that Thai customs put a crazy duty on goods brought into the country. They charge a price on weight and then charge tax and vat on top. Can you tell me how I cab import to Thailand at a reasonable cost so that I can sell the goods at a reasonable price and make a decent profit. In doing this you must take into account that the majority of Thai people are poor so can not pay big prices for clothes etc.
    I am very interested to hear your reply as if it is favorable I can start to order straight away
    Kind Regards


  15. Alibaba not only china but it’s goes worldwide
    You can find the product you want direct from its sources
    Alibaba one of the best

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