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Forex Course By Kishore. M

Forex Course by Kishore.M
The Rise of a Star – Who Is Kishore M, The Forex King

Many Forex courses are available online.But one should analyse which one is best. There are many success stories floating around and many have claimed that they have found the key to untold wealth.  Whether they are true or not, only time can give them the true answer.  However, here is an incredible true story of a person who has gone from a ghetto to a world of wealth within two short years.  Here is an incredible story of how he turned the tables and became a millionaire. 

The Long Hard Road

online forex training courseKishore M started out with a great job in California, USA and thought his dream was fulfilled.  He was sure his degrees in IT and Finance was his golden goose.  Unfortunately, he did not anticipate the Asian Financial Crisis and the Dotcom crashed.  No one could! To have it happen once was bad enough, but when he lost his job for the second time, he finally realized that his safety net was an illusion.  It could happen yet again!

He found himself living in a ghetto with a $50,000 debt hanging over his head.  Like a cancer, his bad luck spread to other areas of his life and destroyed his self-image, his confidence, his health and his relationships.  On top of it, he was 10 pounds overweight, single and alone.  It seemed to be the end of the world.  But Kishore was not to be defeated. 

His Turning Point

They say that nothing can keep greatness down and it is true in Kishore’s life.  He was down but not out of the game.  The rules had changed and he started researching what they were.  The best place to start was to look at the people who had already made it.  He researched how the current millionaires made their wealth.  He started walking in their footsteps and every waking moment was spent how they made their money.  He too started investing, trading and marketing through the internet.  He added new qualifications to his name, this time, real safety nets, from the University of Berkeley, US and IN SEAD. 

Where He Is Today

Living in the lap of luxury, health restored, extra pounds melted off, spending quality time with his family and best of all, making money out of money.

His Playground

The internet is his goldmine and he is making thousands of dollars from

  • The stock market ,
  • CFD,
  • Options,
  • Futures trading,
  • real estate,
  • And of course, Forex. 

Kishore is not only the undisputed Forex King but also a bestselling author, Ex Hedge Fund Manager and has won many awards. 
 His Success Could Become Yours Too

Everyone wants to be rich and free from financial burdens.  Kishore has walked the path and today stands as a pioneer showing the way.  Walk in his footsteps and you can avoid the pitfalls and disasters.  Yes, they are there but with Kishore guiding you, there is no way you can fail. 

Sharing His Secrets through forex course

Kishore wants everyone to have a share in his glory and has disclosed his secret to riches in these two online courses – Leaked Millionaire Code and Instant Forex Profit.  Buy the first one and you can get the second one for free.  Now that is an offer you cannot resist.

His Mission Today

  • To share his knowledge with you
  • To see you become rich through his valuable experience
  • To help you realize your dream of becoming rich

No one is as transparent about his passion as Kishore is.  When you sign up for the course, Kishore will tell you how he does his business and will also tell you exactly what he trades with everyday.

His Credentials

If you are still not convinced to put on his mantle over your shoulders, then read on.

  • He is a certified Investment Representative.
  • A trained teacher of ETS Derivatives.
  • Has over ten years of hands on experience in the field.
  • Knows the ins and outs of Forex, Stock and commodities, to name a few.
  • Holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, Southern New Hampshire University, USA.
  • Got an Advanced Diploma in Computer Systems Management, NIIT.
  • Did a course in Computer Network and Internet Applications, IIT, Kharagpur.

Not everyone can hope to get trained from these Universities and Institutions.  However, Kishore has made his knowledge available to everyone who signs up for his courses.

The Stepping Stones

You may be in a successful career or may be a stay-at-home mom.  This is something anybody can do from anywhere in the world.  Even an hour spent trading can bring in untold prosperity.  However, do not try playing with money without any formal training.  Many have tried and some have succeeded but only after many failures and roadblocks.  Get it right the first time – get help from Kishore.  Sign up for his modules.  His modules contain relevant information needed in the business.  Here is a sneak peak of what the modules contain-

  • The best strategy to trade in Futures.
  • The ultimate secret in Forex trading.
  • The most reliable secret in Options trading.
  • The most effective CFD tactic that gives within a week 135% returns from Apple.
  • The supreme method in property trading.
  • Conquer internet marketing within a week.
  • Little known stock trading secrets.
  • Live action of how the Master plays his game.

Additional Tools for Your Guaranteed Success in this Forex Course

To make sure that this is a sure fire way to put you on the successful path, Kishore M has also given bonus tools.  A manual and video lessons containing technical information about verified marketing tools and strategies will give you thorough knowledge of the industry. These tools and techniques are not some myths but are proven in the market to work.  Make sure you have these very essential tools by your side while you trade to pull in profits regularly without fluctuations.

His Company

PowerUp Capital is the only company with in-depth knowledge of the complete arena of trading in all fields.  His team is dedicated to get only the most accurate information.  The company works to transform lives. 

Kishore M and team work around the clock analyzing the market, studying the bulls and bears and most importantly waiting to give you updated knowledge to plan your own style of trading every single day.  With their help from Monday to Friday, you will get to decide on

• What stocks to buy?

• What stocks to sell?

• When to buy them

• And when to sell them

Inside information of the company will be at your fingertips.  With such a magic wand in your hand, you can become an expert in no time at all. 

This special help is extended to Forex, Stocks, Futures trading and Options for an entire year.  If you want their help in the years to come, then purchase a lifetime membership.  It is worth every single dollar.  With this lifetime membership, you can avail for all the days of your life-

• Support via email.

• 24/7 help via chat.

• Access to all the updated course materials.

If this is not enough, there is another membership which will give you lifetime access to Kishore’s own trading table every week.  It will be just like sitting with the master of the game and playing alongside him in both Foreign Exchange and CFD.  Again the price charged for this is so minimal compared to the limitless profits you will make through this deal. 

The Price

People do not always appreciate what they get for free or even at a minimal rate.  They only value things only if it comes with a price.  These precious modules have the very lifeline of Kishore flowing through them.  They are priceless.  However, Kishore wants everyone to have them and value them.  Hence, even though they are worth more, much more, he is giving them at a discounted price. 

You can buy the entire package for $998 or think of it this way, $2.75 per day for an entire year.  This is for a limited time only. So hurry and get enrolled now.  Golden opportunities are hard to come by. Do not miss yours. 

In The News

BBC, Channel News Asia and Bloomberg have put him on the media map.  Check out his amazing interview videos and you would realize that a lot can be learned from his interview in his website. It just takes few minutes of your time to watch and realize what you are capable of and what you can achieve the best in your personal and professional life.

His Writings

If you can get hold of his book “Retire Rich Trading” then you have a gem in your collection.  He has written several articles for many financial magazines. 


If you are still uncertain, then visit Kishore’s website to see for yourself the numerous testimonials by people who have been helped by the course.  All of them are happy stories and some are heart-stirring.  There is the story of a mother with 8 children who invested just a $1000 in trading and made an astounding profit of $78,000 in two months.  Another testifies to making more than $7000 in one single day. 

Everyone who has attended the course came out feeling like millionaires as they understood what the trading market is all about.  The courses are conducted in clear and easy terms.  All his students are impressed by his easy yet professional approach. 

Another Present from Santa

There are many who may even after reading all this are still afraid to dip their feet in the market.  For people who really want to try this out but are worried about failure, Kishore is offering another free year of access to his daily alerts.

The aim of the course

• To change your mindset and make you think like a successful broker.

• To make you earn more than your regular job.

• To help you retire early.

• To make your money make money for you. 

• How to manage money.

Kishore and his team will literally hold your hand and make your path a successful one.  Your second income is a definite victory and soon it will become your first and only income.  Financial freedom is within your grasp. Do not let it slip through.


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  2. Hi the great forex master of our generation,
    I really appreciate your effort sir. I have read a lot of forex educational e-books and realised that your own system is the best so far.
    And going through the testimonies of your students were very amazing,
    Please, how can I be part of this testimonies even as a resident of Ibadan,Nigeria?
    Mr Kishore, is it not possible for you to come to Nigeria and train us just for 3 days?
    We will greatly appreciate it.
    Thank you sir.
    With kindest regards,
    Ibadan, Nigeria

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