How to convert multiples files of .chk format into .jpg format in 1 step


How to Convert .chk format into .jpg format in 1 step

how to change .chk formate to .jpg formateAfter recovering your deleted or corrupted digital camera image files sometime you will get the image files as .CHK. These >cHK files will not open in ypur PC or Digital camera.

Converting 100s or 1000s for .CHK file to .JPEG or JPG files is not an easy task.

Then how can you do this in single step on one click?

Goto command prompt

after opening the command mode enter the command following command :: cd\

1.Choose your drive c or d or e enter the command (d followed with colun) d:

2.Now you can see the command mode change to c:\> to d:\>

3.Then choose your folder CD <FOLDERname>

4.It will open c:\>cd photos

it will appear like this


then enter the following command

c:\softwares> ren *.chk *.jpg

Thats all. Now you can see the jpg images on your folder.


  1. I have changed my chk files to jpg as you said. But still some files are not converted. only ten photos are converted.

  2. Many Thanks

    Successfully i have restored my photos and it was a very good and easy step to convert CHK files to jpg.

    well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. i cant get to that last part. incorrect syntax or command it says. please help. got so many important pictures of my kids.

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