How to fix “Insufficient storage available” error in android phone


Fix “Insufficient storage available” error In android phone

“Insufficient storage available” error on android is a widespread problem among many android users. You are bound to see an error message pop up on your device “Insufficient Storage Available” whenever an android user is about to install some apps and the application installation fails. This is a very common problem with the Android OS since all apps, by default are installed in your phone memory. Coincidentally, the memory installed on your phone memory isn’t too large.

insufficient strorage available error in android

Many have tried every available possible trick in the book on how to fix insufficient storage available error on android phones with mixed results. So whichever Android phone/tablet you take up, you will end up with the same problem. Before we take steps to fix insufficient storage available error on android phones, an android user must be in a position to differentiate between the real message and the bug. The real message only happens when storage is below 15MB which is the threshold which android limits any installation of apps.

Here are some entirely different ways on how to fix insufficient storage available error on android phones. These methods to fix the bug will work on rooted devices. Each one is guaranteed to give desired results

Method 1 to fix Insufficient storage available error


  1. The Lucky Patcher app is one way on how to fix insufficient storage available error on android phones. Lucky Patcher apk is actually a third party app to crack/patch paid Google play apps.

Method to fix this error.

  • Your device must be rooted to be able to use lucky patcher.
  • Download Lucky Patcher apk
  • Place lucky patcher apk into your SD card and install it using any file manager you prefer.
  • Run it and then press menu key and Proceed to Troubleshooting.
  • Choose Remove fixes and backups and then finally reboot your device to fix this awful error.

After this, the insufficient storage available bug will be no more. This can be done every time the bug appears and it will allow you to install any application you intended to have on the phone.

Try to clear data from the play store in the application manager. If that doesn’t work, clear it again along with Google services framework. You’ll need to sign in to your Google account again.

Method 2 to fix Insufficient storage available error

  1. Problem with “Insufficient storage available” is laying in stock application installer. It does not recognize external SD card. A device with pre-installed internal SD card has this error.
  • If you have rooted device, probably you have installed ROM Toolbox Pro.
  • Go to App2SD settings and set “Auto”(This will solve problem on a Galaxy Note 2)
  • If you do not have ROM Toolbox Pro, just check your phone settings or settings in other programs where you think can be set up installation of new application on External SD and change setting from “Install on SD card” to “Auto”.

 Method 3

Here is another trick you can try to fix this insufficient storage available error. The trick will require a file manager with root access or the root explorer. Begin by browsing to the data or the application directory and find the application which presents the bug and can neither be installed nor updated. Once you find it, click on the .apk file and delete it. Then try installing the application again or even updating it and the problem should not appear again

Method 4

This method to fix insufficient storage available error in android is little complex. It requires the use of a PC or a laptop and begins with downloading and installing the Java Development Kit if it is not already installed.

  • Download and Install Java Development Kit from Oracle’s website.  Download JDK 7u2 for Windows x64 (approximately 87 MB)
  • Download and Install Android SDK from Google’s website.(Recommended Windows Installer preferred)
  • Run Command Prompt with Administrator Privileges on Windows 7 or Windows 8 OS.  [Start Menu –> type in cmd –> Right click the Command Prompt –> Run as Administrator.  The UAC will prompt you with a dialog which you should click as ‘Yes’]
  • If you have installed the latest version of Android SDK (SDK Manager Revision 16 or later), then type in following commands on cmd

cd C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools

You may want to verify & replace the folder on which you have installed the SDK.  If you are using an older version of Android SDK, you may want to give a try at following path C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk\tools

  • On your Android phone/tablet, go to Settings –> Applications –> Development and enable USB Debugging.  Once done, connect the phone/tablet to your laptop/desktop via USB cable.
  • Execute following commands (highlighted in blue only) in sequence

adb shell pm getInstallLocation

You would get an output as: 0[auto]

In Android, Install Location has 3 values

0[auto] – Let the system decide the best location
1[internal] – Install the application on internal device storage.  This means any internal storage provided with your device
2[external] – Install the application on external media.  This means any SD, microSD cards attached to your device.

  • So let’s change the default location to 2[external]

adb shell pm setInstallLocation 2

This will change the default installation location to SD card of all the applications that

you install henceforth.  What about those that are already installed on device storage?  Iam sure you were unable to move all of them to SD card earlier.   You can give it a try now!  Alternatively, you can download an application Apps2SD and manually move them to SD card.

To check if the settings changed or not, you can execute Step 6 again and check the results

  • Disable USB debugging on your phone/tablet. Close the Command Prompt and enjoy!

How to Fix Google Play Insufficient Storage Error

I hope Android developers fix this error soon.Good luck!


  1. Not very helpful….i want a solution for us not so techsavy guys. Rooting andlucky patcher…how can i download it if it keeps saying insufficient storage on the first place but i have like gazzilion gb available on my usb storage…cant understand.

  2. none of the method works for my Alcatel OT 4010x.. even the setting has preferred choices installation. ;(

    Android team should fix this problem. They should let all android phone can install on external SD card.

  3. i have the same problem with installing LuckyPatcher. Cant install LuckyPatcher because this bug, I keep getting the error message.

  4. For me the problem was in “Easy installer” application . once i uninstall it , the smartphone install the programs on the SD.

    Note , i use link2SD application.

    good luck 🙂

  5. I resolved this issue for myself.
    Though, Internal and SD Memory was showing lot of free space, it was the issue with Phone Memory, which was almost full.

    Hence I moved many of my apps from Phone memory to Internal Memory, to free up Phone Memory :
    Settings > Storage > Apps(under Internal Storage section) > Internal tab

    Here the ones which are not checked are occupying the space on the Phone Memory.
    > Click on the Apps(one by one)
    > Click on the button : ‘Move to Internal Storage’.

    Once you free up a considerable amount of space on Phone Memory this way, the error should not come.

  6. well i executed the last method of the command window and the code adb shell pm setinstallLocation.
    it succeeded so thank you, but i still got this error?
    what should i do? thanks in advance

  7. after complete ma phone working ok, but my internet looking very slow. can you advise is anything that can make it better ???

  8. Many thanks; good advice!

    After deleting nearly 1g of apps and resulting in 1+g of free space, with still “insufficient storage”, I tried Method 2 and set install location to “auto”. That worked like a charm and solved the issue (LG L9, rooted).

    Method 1 may be sort of a contradiction: if one can’t install anything, one can’t install lucky patcher). But to be on the safe side, I now installed lucky patcher as well, in case the bug comes up again.

  9. After so much time,the only solution possible is to restore factory settings on your phone and install lucky patcher and link2sd

  10. Excellent! I ve been getting this error all day!
    The “lucky patcher” solution was the answer for me, I patch two apps and I forgot I did it, so I ran lucky patcher troubleshooting and fixed all, now they work again!..

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