Nail Art designs for beginners Step by Step Guide


Nail Art designs for beginners – Striping tape method,Nail art with tooth pick or thin-tipped brush

nail art desingsDo you like to learn some simple and beautiful nail art designs to add style to your nails?

Nail art can complement your outfit for a special occasion or add a unique touch to your everyday appearance. Nail art can sometimes seem complex when you just see the finished manicure, but once you read through these step by step nail art tutorials you will realize just how simple it is to do it yourself.

How to Prepare Your Nails

  1. Trim and file your nails. Shape your nails to make them uniform and neat. Since you’re creating nail art, try not to trim them too short. It’s better to have more space to work with.

  2. Remove old polish and apply a base coat. The foremost important step is to remove the old polish and apply a base nail color on all the nails. The base nail color should be in lighter shade such as green, pink or blue if you wish to have dramatic nail art. Let it be dried before applying the second coat.

First Step on nail art

  1. To settle into your own style of doing nail art takes time and practice so be patient.

  2. Begin with practicing easy shapes, like stripes, dots etc. This will allow you to adjust to the brush, and you’ll become comfortable using it and angling it.

  3. Do not pile paint onto the brush.

  4. Just wet the brush at the tip; lightly dip it into the paint, so that the tip is coated with a thin layer of it.

  5. If you want to do a design where it requires heavy hand painting, that is painting large dots, then pile away! But most nail artists tend to use a less amount though.

  6. Try resting your arm on a table if your hand is a little shaky. Take your time and do not rush yourself.

Simple designs for nail art with tooth pick or thin-tipped brush

simple nail art designsFlowers, hearts are easy to paint, and they look eye-catching and pretty too!

Flower design nail art

  1. Apply a base coat. Any colour of your choice

  2. Carefully dip your brush into acrylic paint, but if your base colour is light, try a dark colour, ie navy blue, and if it’s dark, try a light paint colour, ie white or yellow!

  3. Take your brush and gently paint a little line, imitating a petal. If you want it to be easier, load your brush a little heavy, then place your tip down, flat on the nail, so the imprint of the brush shape is left. This can be done with a tooth pick too.

  4. Do it 5 times, for 5 petals.

  5. Paint a dot in the centre on the petals, acting as the middle of the flower.

  6. Another idea you could do is adding colours onto the petals.

  7. Very slowly and gently, starting from the centre of the flower, slide the brush tip or tooth pick down the side of the petal, stopping about halfway.

  8. You should be creating a thin line of colour. Repeat until thin lines have been created across the whole petal, it usually takes about 3-4 lines.

Heart Design nail art

heart in nail art design

  1. Apply a base coat.

  2. Paint two large dots, next to each other.

  3. From the outside of each dot, draw a diagonal line, so you’re forming a V shape, with the two dots at the top.

  4. Fill the space inside the V. Then, with a light amount of paint on your brush, fill the outsides, forming a more curved and fuller heart shape. Then add topcoat.

Practicing with basic shapes like these will build up your capacity. Try placing the designs together, having hearts and flowers in one design. Experiment with different colours too. Add rhinestones and glitter and most of all, have fun while you’re experimenting.

Striping tape method in Nail Art Design

This method will help you ensure the lines you draw on your nails look sharp, clean and straight. Once you get the hang of nail art, it’s not too bad to work with tape. The shiny, metallic results are certainly worth it. You can get the striping tape from eBay.

  1. Start with a dry light blue base

  2. Paint two stripes across the nail in a darker blue colour. When you’re doing the dark blue stripes, make sure you don’t have much polish on your brush. You don’t want thick, goopy strips

  3. When the nail is dry, outline the blue with silver striping tape and make sure you wait until the polish is dry before you start the striping tape.

  4. Make sure you press the tape firmly down so you don’t get any lifting

Enjoy these beautiful nail art designs… Catchy soon with more interesting beauty tips!

Nail Art Tutorial Step By Step.

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