Newborn Baby Care


Newborn baby care is by far one of the greatest challenges every mother faces…and it is not easy to face the challenge. The problem arises as the baby cannot speak and is very fragile; hence, the mothers need to be very careful while handling the little newborn delight.

Here are a few tips for the new mothers out there to make the process a whole lot simpler.

Newborn baby care tip for bathing a newborn

Newborn baby care

Bathing a newborn is very important to keep the little one clean and safe from allergies. But this is a tedious process. Babies cannot be bathed as 5 year olds. For all you know, the newborn may choke on water. It is terrifying, yes, but it is a wonderful way to bond with your baby

Sponge baths are better suited for newborns. Use a clean, soft cloth or sponge to wipe your baby and make sure you buy baby friendly soap products. Use only lukewarm water.

For those who prefer giving the baby a proper bath, follow the following procedure

  • Make sure you wash your hands well before you bathe your baby. 
  • Fill only half of a small tub (also known as baby tub) with lukewarm water.
  • Dip your baby slowly in the tub. Remember to use one hand to support the newborn’s head and neck.
  • Use very little soap, and make sure the soap is baby friendly.
  • Take every care possible to avoid getting soap in the baby’s eyes.
  • Use cotton to clean the areas around the eyes
  • Gently rinse your baby by pouring water below the baby’s neck. DO NOT pour water on the baby’s face.
  • After the bath, lift him gently from the tub, supporting his head and neck with one hand, and wrap him with a clean towel. Use Turkish towels.
  • Gently apply a little powder on the neck and diaper area.
  • Clothe the baby in comfortable soft clothes.

Newborn baby care tip to keep the baby healthy

Most parents panic when the baby gets sick, and it is but natural. It is hard to see the little bundle of joy suffer from something. But remember…do not panic! Take your newborn to a pediatrician immediately. For the first few years, make appointments with pediatricians regularly to keep a regular check on the baby.

Vaccinations are necessary. Get your baby vaccinated as soon as the doctor says so. Do not feed your baby formula milk. For the first few months, your baby should be breastfed. Breast milk provides the baby with maximum immunity and keeps him healthy for almost a lifetime!

Newborn baby care tip to change diaper.

One of the thing many parents dread is changing the diaper. Always keep in mind that it is your baby’s stool. There is nothing to be disgusted about.

Here are some tips to ensure you are doing it right

  • Remove the diaper and dispose of it immediately. Never reuse diapers. It exposes the baby to several infections.
  • Use a wet paper towel to clean the baby’s buttocks. Use as many as required.
  • Pat the baby dry gently with a clean dry towel.
  • Apply talcum powder. This prevents the baby from getting rashes.
  • Use a fresh clean diaper.

Newborn baby care tip to keep mosquitoes away!

Mosquitoes have become a menace these days. And their favourite target are babies. Mosquitoes also are carriers of diseases, so it is very important to protect your baby from these blood-sucking creatures!

Mosquito nets are the most effective tool. It’s probably best to surround your baby’s bed or cradle with a mosquito net.

DO NOT use mosquito repellent sprays, mats or coils, as the fumes tend to trigger an allergic reaction. Mosquito repellent creams are your best bet. Use a cream from a well-known brand and make sure it is gentle enough to be used on baby’s skin.

Toys for your newborn

Everybody wants to pamper their babies with lots of toys. But precautions have to be taken here as well. Here are some tips that have to be followed

  • Never buy toys with sharp edges. It will hurt the baby. Only buy toys that are soft and have no sharp edges.Stuffed toys are every baby’s favourite.
  • Keep away from toys made of fur. Poorly made fur toys can be hazardous to your baby. The fur can set off a wheezing reaction.
  • Pacifier is a must. As the baby’s teeth are about to grow, he will want to gnaw on something. Make sure the pacifier is sterilized.

These are some very simple tips to make newborn baby care an enjoyable experience. So here’s wishing the best of luck to all the new mothers out there.


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