Wedding Gift Ideas


Wedding Gift Ideas

wedding gift ideasWedding Gift Ideas .Now, this would be a great option only if you are really close to the couple. Your thoughtfulness would be much appreciated and remembered. On the flip side, you must be ready to splurge. But if there are a number of you pooling in to collect a huge amount of cash, it could make sense.

Sponsor part of the wedding

Are you in on the wedding plans? Then keep your ears open. You will need to get a grip on what the couple wants to do before you offer to pick up the bill. Champagne or wine for the wedding? It will definitely ease the load on the couple’s wallet. But ensure that it is only a small function and not one with 1,500 guests. Else, your wallet will groan! Alternately, if the couple is throwing a special party for very close friends and relatives, you could sponsor it.

Another option would be to sponsor the wedding night at a swank five-star hotel. Of course, these options must come only if the couple has expressed a desire to do so. Buying champagne may not be a good idea if the couple has no intention of serving it. Or you throwing a party could be a waste to the couple if they had no inclination towards another celebration.

Sponsor part of the honeymoon

Ask the couple where they are going and how much they are spending on travel and the hotel bookings and accordingly decide. If they have not yet done the bookings but have only selected the location, visit your travel agent to check out options. Honeymoon follows wedding and is the period of knowing each other better and spend some memorable time alone. You can gift the newlywed couple a honeymoon package. The newly married couple will be thrilled with this exclusive gift and will be very happy to see your concern for them.

Ask the couple for a wish list

This wedding gift idea is a common tradition in the West, a wedding list is like a wish list of gifts the couple would like to receive. This has not really caught on in India. For example, if a couple is setting up their own home, they may need a host of practical gifts. This could include kitchenware, bedroom linen, smaller items of furniture, electronics and maybe even house plants. If you are very close to the couple, request them to give a wish list that can be circulated to very close friends and family. If they don’t know how to go about it, here are some tips. 

  1. The items should preferably be from either one (or two) department stores.

  2. Request the store to maintain the list. As and when someone buys one for the couple, the store can cancel that item.

  3. If the store offers to deliver it to the couple directly with the giver’s name, great! The couple must send a thank you note to the giver in this case to also verify that the gift reached.

  4. The list must include a range in terms of prices so that even those with low budgets can oblige.

  5. The couple must insist it is just an indication and not a compulsory requirement.

If the couple does not want to put the list in the store, maybe they can put it up on their web site (if they have one).

Gift Voucher 

If they really don’t want to have a wish list, ask them which store they would like a gift voucher from. They may request close friends to give them gift vouchers for a particular store in which they could buy them. This way, they had the option to purchase whatever they wanted. The people making the gift could determine whatever amount they wanted to give. The couple only paid for the amount they were falling short of.


Giving money as a wedding gift is never a bad idea; in fact, for couples just starting off, cash is sometimes the most appreciated gift of all. Cash gifts give the couple a chance to use the money wherever they need it most. They can even use cash to pay bills as they get settled in together or pool it with other cash gifts to purchase a large item, such as a living room set


One of the finest choices for a wedding gift is jewelry. It has an inseparable relation with the marriage ceremonies as every daughter of the eve is seen glittering with gold and diamonds. Thus, if you want to add zing to the joy of the bride, gift her jewelry item in accordance with your budget.  When buying jewellery, keep the receiver’s taste in mind. If it is not possible to get them to accompany you when shopping, take someone along who is familiar with their taste. You can choose from items like necklace, bracelets, earrings, pendants, ring (if you are sure of the size), anklet and toe rings ; in gold, diamond, platinum, Titanium, jade, precious stones, kundan etc. You may also give gold or silver coins or silver items with personalized engravings

Silver Wedding Gifts

Silver is considered quite auspicious as a gift on an occasion like wedding. There is an array of items available in Silver which can prove to be great wedding gifts. Moreover, they are quite economic in comparison to gold. The worth giving silver items include gem studded silver jewelry, cutlery, silver bottle stoppers, heart shaped silver spoons, heart shaped silver pepper and salt shakers, silver bottle openers, card holders, coins, ornaments like rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and anklets, silver brooches, silver hair clips, silver watches, etc.

If you find the above too expensive, here is a list of cheap wedding gift idea

Personalized wedding gifts ideas

Wedding gifts also carry your warm wishes that you have in the core of your heart. Wedding gifts don’t have to be expensive to be affordable – and that includes personalized gifts. If you want to make a lasting impression on the bride and groom than consider choosing one of the many personalized wedding gifts that are available. Handmade personalized gifts are also quite in nowadays.  Some of the unique wedding gift idea that you might consider include a personalized wedding album made especially for the couple. To help the gifts make an even greater impression on the recipient, take special care in packaging the gifts. Online shopping gives you the advantage to shop wide range of best gifts at competitive prices.

Household Decor

Household decor items are standard at many weddings, but there are certain decorations that are traditional to give at Indian weddings. Silk bedding or throws, silver or jeweled candle stands, a diya lamp or jeweled photo frames. If buying a painting, please take the couple along. Art that is not appreciated is a total waste of money. You may find it extremely appealing, they may detest it. If buying linen, drapes or lamps, ask the couple what sort of colour scheme they have for their house. If they have decided to paint their ceiling an electric blue, your selection in orange may look hideous.

Kitchen and Dining

Kitchen appliances and tools can help the couple prepare foods in their home together, making them some of the most-needed gifts. Another great wedding gift idea at your disposal is electronic items. Besides, there is a wide variety available, from which you can choose the gift according to your pocket. The gift can be anything like mixer, food processor, electronic scrapers, juicer, toaster, television, music system, refrigerator, computer, computer accessories etc. Some other kitchen essentials include a set of pots and pans, mixing bowls, measuring cups and spoons, a can opener, spatulas, cake pans, baking sheets, knives, cutting boards and food storage containers for leftovers.

For the dining room, the most important pieces are the place settings. Couples will appreciate receiving silverware, plates, bowls and mugs, but it is essential that you pick pieces from the set they selected in their wedding registry. Drinking glasses, water goblets, wine glasses and barware help the couple to entertain in style and enjoy relaxing evenings together. Other items to consider include serving platters, serving bowls, serving utensils, salt and pepper shakers and a sugar and creamer set. The couple also needs linens for the dining room, including tablecloths, table runners, placemats and napkins.

Bed and Bath

Help your newly married friends feel like they’re still on their honeymoon with truly luxurious sheets and pillows. They’ll make the bed a relaxing and decadent place to be. Choose sheets with an absurdly high thread count, and a smooth finish. A luxurious down comforter or a fuzzy microfiber blanket all make great gifts for the bedroom. Include a note that says, “May all your dreams together come true,” or be a bit more spicy and write, “Here’s to many happy hours spent together in bed.”Starting off a marriage with fresh, soft linens makes the couple feel pampered.

For the bathroom, choose soft, thick towels, a fuzzy bath mat or a pair of bathrobes. Other ideas include a shower curtain or a countertop set of a soap dish, toothbrush holder and tissue box cover.

Small Luxuries

Sweets, chocolates, ittar, bottles of perfume, a silk saree (if you know the bride’s clothing size) and specialty paper make nice gifts at Indian weddings. For the more modern couple, you may want to give them small luxuries such as gift certificates to their favorite stores, spas or salons, or a weekend package at a luxury hotel. Who doesn’t love a night out on the town? And after all the chaos that comes with planning a wedding, the couple will need a date night to celebrate each other.

Wristwatches also make an ideal choice as a wedding gift. You can give the couple a pair of classic wristwatches. Cell phones also serve as good wedding gifts. Chocolates and flowers are amongst the best gifts for any special occasion, with wedding being no exception. You can give them a bouquet of beautiful flowers, along with a packet of premium chocolates.

Accessory gifts for grooms

Now if you want to gift excellent accessory gifts to grooms, you can wow them with Gold Cufflinks, Branded Sunglasses, Designer Watches, Silver Tie Pins, Leather Belts, Shaving Kits, Deodorants and Perfumes. Gold Cufflinks are often worn by Indian grooms and they add more charm to the personality of the grooms. Silver Tie Pins also create a unique appeal to the groom. Sunglasses from branded companies are also favored by Indian men and so if these are given to them as gifts, they will become extremely elated.

A number of brands are offered in the market and so you can gift the one which will best suit the groom. Designer watches can also be gifted to the grooms so that they can wear them with different types of clothes. Leather belts constitute another form of wedding gifts for the grooms that they can wear with any formal dress. You can also gift shaving kits as well as deodorants and perfumes to the grooms that are required for daily use.

Apart from accessories and clothes, you can also present many gadget gifts to the groom that include laptop, latest mobile phones, DVD home theatre systems, digital photo frames, camera and camcorders, etc. These fascinating gifts can mesmerize the newly wedded couple in an entertaining way.

Many couples end up with gifts that are either stored in the loft, under the bed or in a cupboard. And, in some cases, the gifts are repacked and given to another unsuspecting couple. Make sure that your gift does not face the same destiny. So choose well.


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